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“Eat first with your eyes, then with your senses. Eating is optional”

(Carmen Urbano)

Carmen Urbano’s story is quite unusual but interesting and inspiring tale. Born in Tijuana, México, Carmen grew up in a loving home where her sense of creativity and flair was nurtured. This, amongst other things helped her find her potential.

She started out earning a degree in Graphic Arts, got a floral design diploma and along the line she opted in for a law degree for the sake of assisting in her family’s business.

Carmen had a great and successful career. In other words, she seems to have it all. However, she felt a gap needed to be filled so she took the risky path to fulfill her longings. She left the law field after 19 years of successful career as an attorney. She gave it all away for a bigger dream – “Inspiration’s by Carmen Urbano” where she decided to take up a space in the world of creative arts where she is now sharing her talents and skills. It was a risky but a fun move!

What was only a dream was birthed in 2010. Inspirations by Carmen Urbano was an inception of a great thing. The popularity of Carmen’s cookie creation led her to focus in sugar cookies, combining her love of baking with her vast creative skills. She developed love for sugar arts and her invitation to teach what she knew at renowned culinary schools in Tijuana and Guadalajara Mexico, changed everything.

They became experiences that lightened up her passion for teaching. She has become such an inspiration to her students.

Carmen’s “cookie creations” became a known name and brand specializing in making sugar and gingerbread cookies. She can mix creativity and passion to make it all work out. She now has numerous awards to her name so finally she could smile and boast of the courage she had put in taking that risky but quite inspiring decision.

Beyond the cookies her act of creativity is amazing. She has advanced her business which has gone global, thanks to the help of her social media pages.

Several of her creative works have been featured on major cable networks in the USA, where they have delighted American audience in competitions such as Food Network’s Holiday Gingerbread Showdown™ Season 2 in 2019. She has been invited to travel internationally for cookie conventions, classes, and private lessons. Carmen and her cookies have also been featured in several of the industry’s leading events, including CookieCon™ SoFlo, San Diego Cake Show and CookieExpo™ among others.

Carmen’s sugar art has earned her numerous international decoration and sugar art awards.
Some of her recent distinctions:

“Best in Show piece” Nominated in San Diego Cake Show, 2018.
“Grand Prize Royal Icing Award” San Diego Cake Show, 2019.
“Innovative Cookie Award” San Diego Cake Show, 2019.
“Twice Editor’s Choice” CakesDecor 2019 and 2020.
“1st Place People Choice Award” CookieCon™, 2020.
“3rd Place People Choice Award” CookieCon™, 2020.

Do you know what it feels like doing what you love?

Carmen is enjoying a dream come true! She is happily teaching what she loves, creating amazing designs and constantly refining her craft to create edible masterpieces.

Carmen resides in California where she enjoys spending time with her husband and her family. She also enjoys traveling across the globe imparting and sharing her inspirational skills with her students. She loves to inspire others to develop their own talents, convincing and nurturing them to achieve their full potential and giving them reasons to love the world of creative arts in cookie decoration. She has successfully taught hundreds of satisfied students who have offered rave reviews for her designs and wonderful teaching skills.

This is her passion and what she loves doing. Carmen’s love of people is evident in all her work. She is eager to share what she knows and is constantly pushing herself to create, inspire and share her “Inspirations!”

Because I put my heART
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