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Carmen’s passion is   Create , Decorate , Express , Inspire , Paint , Enhance , Illuminate , Color   art through cookies.

She treats every cookie as a canvas and her creations have an incredibly unique style that goes from dimensional cookies to amazing portrait paintings.

Throughout her life she has found many ways to express herself. However, her cookie art has been a calling of sorts.

She has been able to put joy into the world by creating masterfully made cookies and by teaching others to find their talents and grow into great achievements.

Cookie Art Academy by Carmen Urbano was designed with every skill level in mind. As a self-taught Cookier Carmen understand what is the feeling of the trial and error path, and because of this her passion is to help her students avoid all the suffering she went through while she learned recipes, icing techniques and even the tools she now uses in her cookie art. 

She has been proving time and time again, with her teaching skills, that any student can take these courses and will be thrilled with their creations! That is because of the methods she instills in her online and in-person classes: She passionately walks her students through each and every step and takes the time to share her tips and tricks with them.

She always give personalized attention to each of her students, and her friendly style instills confidence in them. She helps to bring out their hidden talents and translate them into the art of decorated cookies. Her students always, without exception, ends happily with the projects they carry out in their chosen classes. So, whether you are a beginner or master artist, these classes will provide new learning and tremendous results for you!

Private class bookings are available as well.
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These unique offerings
are customized by Carmen,
to ensure the material 
addresses your needs and skills, 
while inspiring your love
of cookie decorating.

Every student will leave
with greater skills, execution and understading
of the art of sugar cookies.

Carmen is sure
to leave you
with innovative techniques
that will elevate your skills
and leave you more confident
and refined cookie artist.