Spooky Skeleton

Instructor: Carmen Urbano

Length: 3 to 4 hours class.

Sunday, September 20th.

Cost (Class Only): $85.00 US.

Beginner to advance Level.


Come with me and learn how to create a beautiful and Spooky dimensional Skeleton, I will teach how to achieve this fun sugar piece with several techniques.


  1. You will learn how to get the beautiful crackle effect in your cookies, with or without an oven. You will obtain 3 different recipes and methods of how to make it according to your preference.
  2. We will work with the royal icing transfer technique to get your pieces exactly as your sample image without needing to know how to draw!
  3. We will talk about how to use a template and pressure piping to create dimensional effects in your pieces. I will also give you some advice in how to choose and prepare your templates to make your transfers.
  4. I will teach you how to select the areas of volume in your images and to make layers of royal icing to achieve volume.
  5. I will teach you how to glue your transfers to your cookies and to make it look as though a transfer was not use!!! (This is the scariest step of the class so, be prepared to be gentle with this skeleton if you do not want to break him! If he does break, I will teach you how to repair broken transfers… do not worry everything has a solution!)
  6. We will have fun learning how to paint this Spooky Skeleton and how to shade it to give volume and expression.
  7. We will work with luster dust and petal dust to create the background effect.
  8. I will show you how to embellish your cookie using fondant molded roses and metallic highlighter to create the spooky Halloween roses.

Tools and material required:

  1. Prebaked chocolate cookie.
  2. White royal icing volume and15 seconds consistencies.
  3. Icing scriber.
  4. Vodka or Everclear.
  5. Metallic luster dust. (Purple, red, forest green, silver and black).
  6. Food Gel colors (Black, halloween orange, red, olive or avocado green, light gray or any gray).
  7. Black liquid edible color (Americolor bright white) NO SUBSTITUTION OF BRAND OR COLOR.
  8. White liquid black (Americolor or any other liquid edible color).
  9. Round soft brush.
  10. Set of brushes (Wilton ones are ok)
  11. Flat brush round tip (Soft)
  12. Precision art liner brush.
  13. Round tip brushes (#05 or #06).
  14. Cookie templates.
  15. Clear Cellophane.
  16. Different sizes rose silicone mold.
  17. Corn syrup.
  18. Red edible or nontoxic glitter.
  19. Dehydrator.

Your Purchase Includes:

  1. 6 – 8 hours real-time instructiontaught in the same fashion as Carmen’s in-person CookieArt Classes. Time is dependent on how royal icing transfer takes to dry 100%.
  2. Meeting Carmenprior to class to get fully prepared!
  3. Full supply list and templates posted well in advance.

The class also include:

  1. Chocolate cookie recipe.
  2. Dimensional royal icing recipe.
  3. Carmen’s royal icing recipe to get a smooth and glossy surface.
  4. 3 different recipes of crackle effect for cookies.
  5. Downloadable templates for hand-cut cookies. (Cookie cutters available for you to purchase)
  6. Downloadable tool and material list.
  7. An invitation to join Carmen’s private Facebook chat group. I will be hosting during office hours for this exclusive chat group and will be available before class to answer questions, provide feedback and help troubleshoot any issues regarding class preparation.

At the end of the class you will have the skills to achieve dimensional effect and a beautiful crackle background for your cookies!

Please note: This purchase is nonrefundable. Please be fully aware that no refunds will be issued under any circumstances if you are unable to attend the class due to the digital nature of this class.

All workshop information, instructions, and designs are copyrighted by Inspiration’s by Carmen Urbano. All rights reserved. All informal, formal, instructions, and materials are provided for noncommercial, personal use only and may not be copied, duplicated, altered, or transferred to any medium whatsoever. All designs and images used in this class are Carmen Urbano Originals® and must not be used or duplicated.

The workshop participants and/or organization may not derive income from re-creating the instruction, content, technique, and material learned from the workshop.

Video and audio recording are not allowed during class. Cell phones to remain off or in silence mode.


July 20th we will start with a mini session on Facebook chat to get your cookie prepared. July 25th will be the full real-time class.
July 18th, 2020 is when we close the doors to registration.
No. As you continue to practice the technique the more practice, the faster you will become. Keep in mind that within the 4 hour class you are not just creating, but also watching and being instructed.
No, this will not be included inside the membership. This class is an exclusive, stand alone, long-form class that requires separate support and functionality. It will only be accessible to people who have registered for this class. However, VIP’S will have a forever access to the recording class.
We may do it again, but there is no guarantee at this time.
No worries, if you bought the VIP package the replay will be up to watch and work along with at your convenience. Once again, this will only be accessible for people who bought VIP class package (prerecorded class will not be available otherwise)
No. However, you will have full access through the online class (VIP package only) group to re-watch whenever you’d like.
Class Expired