Carmen offers a variety of online classes that appeal to every skill level,
weather you are beginner or a master in this cookie art.

To ensure classes fit into her student’s busy life,
Carmen offers a full spectrum of classes such a pre-taped videos and live webinars.

With each format, students will gain a variety of techniques
as well as Carmen’s tips, tricks and favorite tools.

All in one beautiful package!

We hope you enjoy this one-stop shop for elevating your cookie skills!
Of course, if you are craving for hands-on classes,
just click here to locate classes near you.

Pick one of our
classes and tutorials and get inspired!

You will receive access to our entire library
of classes, tutorials, recipes,
templates and much more!

Pre-recorded classes available soon!
Available in Spanish only.
We are baking the English version for you. Stay tuned!